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HF 1000P - 1 KW POWER AMPLIFIER 1.7 - 40 MHz -1 KW - 50 MHz 800 Watt


Price : EURO f.o.b MILAN


Broadband amplifier operating from 1.5 MHz. 30MHz. Output power 1000 Watts. ( Supplied by 48.5 Volt, current between 26 and 33A depending on the band). Ideal to make "JAMMER" throughout the HF band. Small size (160 x 70 x 43 mm). It uses the Freescale 1250 Watt Mosfet with SWR 65: 1 (MRFE6VP61K25H) that, at the power of 500-600 watts, delivers an excellent SWR protection from "load" mismatching. The class of operation is "AB", but it can be changed by the special "Polarizer" from "C" to "A" (of course in class A the power will be reduced to 200-250 Watt)