About Us

(Italian Technology Broadcasting) was founded in 1986. Its true beginnings can be traced in 1975, when private radios were starting to gain popularity in Italy. ITB started as Telenord, then as Italab to reach present day Italian Technology Broadcasting. Our production staff proudly holds 36 years of experience in the Broadcasting field and is the best team today's market can offer.

The sector's evolution pushed us to fill a gap in Europe. We were the first to offer SOLID STATE amplifiers. We transferred our industrial experience to the production of RF components. We were Europe's pioneers in the production of RF Pallets in the range of 88-108 Mhz. We later extended our offer to cover not only the Radio-phonic and Television sector but also the Amateur one (HAM). Today, in addition to these products, we also offer Pallets with a wide range of power levels, with frequencies between 1 MHz and 10 GHz and with 1 W to 10kW power.

Our headquarters are at the heart of Milano (Navigli area). We have agents across the globe who guarantee an extensive distribution of our products. ITB is "Made in Italy" and offers high quality products which can be trusted across the world.

Our mission is to guarantee a competitive line of products through incessant research and continuous investments. Our offer has an excellent quality/price ratio which allows us to keep a competitive profile on today's ever more challenging market. Our quality standard can be considered a benchmark for our competitors across the globe.