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ATLAS 1000 - AR 144 - 1 KW 144 MHz


Price : EURO 1550,00 F.O.B. MILANO - 0 pcs avaiable


Produced by iTALAB, this device is the best, state of art, the market could offer! Extremely quiet, thanks to the Software system that check the temperature of the Mosfet and regulates the speed. Its dimensions are reduced(H=105MM,P=400MM,L=300MM ) ultralight thanks to the use of Switching Power Supply, protected on the RF input up to 100 W, delivers 1,2 kW with a typical drive of 15 Watt. A large display shows the most important operating parameters (PWR, SWR, temperature) weight enabling easy portability (7.8 Kg).


ARCHIMEDE 3000 -144


Price : EURO 3250,00 F.O.B. MILAN 0 pcs avaiable

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3 KW 144 MHz